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Zanshin Karate Cymru is affiliated to Hanshi Roy Stanhope's United Kingdom All Styles Karate Organisation. 

Roy Stanhope is a world respected instructor of Shukokai Karate and holds a 9th Dan in the art. He is a former England coach and for many years Sensei Shigeru Kimura's UK Chairman.

See his website here


Zanshin Karate Cymru is run by Shihan Gareth Edwards 6th Dan.

6th Dan is the highest Shukokai Karate grade awarded to a Welsh Instructor.


With over 150 members Zanshin is the largest single Shukokai group in Wales.


Zanshin Karate Cymru do not diversify in their teachings.

Our clubs teach traditional Shukokai Karate and nothing else.

Zanshin are proud to say that they do not paricipate in Mixed Martial Arts in any way shape or form.


Zanshin boasts the innvoative ZanTykes system which is a specially adapted programme for the 3 yrs to 6 yrs range. This enables the youngsters to adapt to karate classes and prepares them to intergrade with the general classes once they are old enough.


Zanshin Karate Cymru have clubs in Caernarfon and Bangor














Gareth Edwards 6th Dan.

UKASKO Welsh coach 

Highest Graded / the most Senior Shukokai Instructor in Wales.

Black Belt Grading Officer and Level 3 coach.











Christine Taylor Sempai

Club Instructor Level 1 coach



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