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"Zantykes" is exclusive to Zanshin Karate Cymru. It has been devised to introduce karate to the very young.  The instructors use the copyright "Zanbadges" system to encourage the children to progress at their own pace. 
Shukokai Karate

Shukokai Karate is famed for its powerful techniques. It derived from one of the original styles of karate called Shito Ryu.

Shukokai was devised by Sensei Chojiro Tani and developed further by Sensei Shigeru Kimura.

Traditional Karate
Zanshin Karate Cymru teaches traditional karate and has never seen the need to diversify to other styles and fads. Keeping traditional values and sticking to tried and tested karate means that students aren't brainwashed with the "new thing" going round. 

Our ZanTykes program is exclusive to Zanshin Karate Cymru. It helps develop young minds by teaching them how to adapt and concentrate. It helps the youngsters to excel in school activities and help form decent,  polite children.

Our exclusive ZanBadges encourage the child to work towards goals and realise their potential.

Black Belt Theory

Even our youngest students have to sit a written examination before taking their black belt with us. You will not see 10 year old black belts in our association. 

Black belts are only passed if the student has completed all areas of their training. The syllabus is structured and approved by U.K.A.S.K.O,

A family karate club with a family feel.
Tailored 3 yrs  -  6 yrs classes
7 yrs to adult classes
Demonstration Teams

We work to support local events every year and our demonstration teams have gained quite a reputaion for being imaginative and unique.


We have performed at Carnivals in Caernarfon, Llangefni, Menai Bridge, Deiniolen, Llanberis, Bethesda, Llanfairfechan and Pentraeth.


Carnival and festival organisers constantly pencil in Zanshin Karate Cymru first on their lists each year.

If you would like to book us then contact us on 

01286 676166

Coaching Awards

All our instructors are trained coaches. You cannot gain a coaching qualification until you are 18 years of age. We do however have Junior coaches who are learning for the future, Junior coaches help out in our Tykes classes and assit the qualified instructors. You don't suddenly "become" a coach once you are a high grade.

CRB and first aided

All our instructors are Enhanced CRB checked ad there is at least one qualified first aider in all pur classes. The health and safety of all our students is paramount. Warm ups are conducted in the right manner before each lesson and follow our strict guidlines.

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